September USA Gifts with Purchase

Every month this generous company loads us up with free items simply for being loyal customers. We purchase items we’d be buying anyway - toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, makeup, supplements and cleaning supplies, etc - from Young Living, and we not only get amazing, high quality products that are safe for our families, we get free products, free shipping, delivery to our doorstep and product credits galore! I am ALL about boxes of safe, effective and healthy products showing up in my mailbox with fun freebies inside! 

Create a solid health and wellness routine with this month’s gift with purchase! Boost your pre-workout drink with the bright taste of Orange Vitality, Citrus Fresh Vitality, and Lemon Vitality. Turn a refreshing smoothie into a healthful treat with Copaiba Vitality, DiGize Vitality, or EndoFlex Vitality. Finally, prep for a movement session with Longevity Vitality and Life 9 to boost overall wellness, especially this time of year. To top it off, YL Vitality Drops in Grapefruit Bergamot flavor are here to help you stay hydrated as you reach your healthy lifestyle goals!

100pv With any order (Subscribe to Save or one time shop order) of 100PV or more you will receive a FREE SHIPPING!!!  You worry about creating a wonderful health routine and let Young Living cover the cost of your deliveries!

190pv With any order (Subscribe to Save or one time shop order) of 190PV or more, you’ll receive a free LEMON VITALITY, CITRUS FRESH VITALITY, and DIGIZE VITALITY!! If your order is a Subscribe to Save order (previously Essential Rewards) you’ll also receive a free ORANGE VITALITY and COPAIBA VITALITY!

Retail value: $76.31

Join us for Ready, Set, Red -- 30 days of NingXia Red -- and spice it up a bit by adding some of these free Vitality oils to your daily Red!

Lemon Vitality essential oil

  • Zest it up! And some sparkle to your daily routine by putting 1–2 drops of Lemon Vitality in a vegetarian gel capsule and taking with a meal. Or simply add a couple drops to your water as you sip throughout the day!
  • Make breakfast fun. Blend a drop in pancake or waffle batter and top your breakfast with fresh fruit for a healthy meal that tastes like lemon-poppyseed cake. Or add a few drops to a smoothie for a bright, fresh twist! 

Citrus Fresh Vitality essential oil blend

  • Season like a boss. Use Citrus Fresh Vitality in recipes such as fruit salads, salad dressings, and marinades to enhance the flavor.
  • Personalize your beverages. Add 1–2 drops of Citrus Fresh Vitality to every 2 ounces of your favorite fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies - even water!

DiGize Vitality essential oil blend

  • On the go. When road tripping, enhance your traveling experience by adding a few drops of DiGize Vitality to your water bottle. 
  • Time for tea! Make a soothing tea with antioxidant properties by adding honey and DiGize Vitality.

Orange Vitality essential oil (Subscribe to Save orders only)

  • Boost your cooking. Use Orange Vitality in sweet or savory dishes for added flavor and zest in a healthy life. 
  • Hydrate like royalty. Add Orange Vitality to your drinking water after a run to give it a burst of flavor.

Copaiba Vitality essential oil (Subscribe to Save orders only)

  • Post-workout routine. Add Copaiba Vitality to Pure Protein Complete or your favorite protein drink. Or simply add Copaiba Vitality to a vegetarian capsule to support overall joint and muscle health every day!  
  • Flavor it up! Add Copaiba Vitality to your favorite smoked salmon or smoked meat recipes.

250pv With any order of 250PV, you’ll receive a free LAVENDER LEMONADE VITALITY DROPS, ENDOFLEX VITALITY, LONGEVITY VITALITY and free shipping!!  If your order is a Subscribe to Save order (previously Essential Rewards) you’ll also receive a free Orange Vitality and Copaiba Vitality!

Retail value: $128.97

YL Vitality Drops, Lavender Lemonade (single)

  • Add some delish. After setting a personal record at the gym, cool down with a drink infused with flavorful Lavender Lemonade YL Vitality Drops.
  • Sweeten the deal. Add a great taste to an ordinary glass of water, plus get an extra boost of trace minerals when you add YL Vitality Drops to your daily hydration routine.

EndoFlex Vitality essential oil blend

  • Build healthy habits. Keep up your overall wellness by building a daily checklist of things like stretching for 15 minutes, meditating, and adding EndoFlex Vitality to a relaxing cup of tea. 
  • Juice it up. Spice up a well-balanced breakfast with a delicious fruit smoothie that has a few drops of EndoFlex Vitality for a refreshing boost and lots of great hormone support. 

Longevity Vitality essential oil blend

  • Keep grooving. Add a little movement to your day by dancing around to a few favorite tunes, then hydrate by adding Longevity Vitality to a cool glass of water. Or simply add to a vegetarian capsule to support overall longevity and immunity!
  • Treat yourself. After a hard day burning calories, take time for a breather and pour yourself a cup of tea with a few drops of Longevity Vitality.

300pv With any order of 300PV, you’ll receive a free bottle of LIFE 9 PROBIOTIC, GRAPEFRUIT BERGAMOT VITALITY DROPS and free shipping!!  If your order is a Subscribe to Save order (previously Essential Rewards) you’ll also receive a free Orange Vitality and Copaiba Vitality!!

Retail value: $167.30

Life 9

  • Go pro with probiotics. Support your healthy lifestyle by moving your body, eating a balanced diet, and taking Life 9 to promote healthy digestion as well as overall health and immunity!
  • Support your systems. Add taking a Life 9 pill to your daily multivitamins and supplements for an extra boost of probiotics.

YL Vitality Drops, Grapefruit Bergamot (single)

  • Up your hydration game. Add a few drops of YL Vitality Drops to your water bottle for a yummy taste that will encourage you to keep sipping throughout the day. 
  • Boost your body. After a hard workout, add some YL Vitality Drops to your green smoothie for a kick of flavor and extra electrolytes.

August Ditch + Switch

As the gatekeepers of our homes we have such a great opportunity to bring in healthy products and create healthy habits for ourselves and families!  Join us as we detox our bathroom shelves and switch out conventional kids’ toothpaste for Young Living KidScents Toothpaste!

Brushing teeth can sometimes be a struggle with kids, but using the citrusy KidScents Toothpaste from Young Living makes it so much more enjoyable!! Not only will your kids love the taste, this advanced formula cleans teeth without any of the harsh additives found in most commercial toothpastes. Fluoride and GMO free, this plant-based toothpaste supports healthy-looking gums and teeth and is infused with the highest quality essential oils you can find!


  • Cleans teeth gently with a naturally derived formula created for children
  • Formulated with gentle, odor-absorbing baking soda for fresher breath
  • Fights plaque with brushing
  • Removes surface stains gently
  • Provides a long lasting, clean, and fresh feel
  • Formulated without fluoride; SLS; synthetic dyes; peroxide; artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives; or gluten-containing ingredients

Sadly, conventional kids’ toothpaste formulas are filled with synthetic additives, artificial flavoring and coloring agents that are not just unnecessary, they are harmful when ingested in small quantities over time. The membrane lining of the mouth has an absorption efficiency of more than 90% which means when we brush our teeth, we are brushing our gums, too, and even if toothpaste isn’t swallowed, it is still entering the bloodstream via the mucosal lining. Here are a few top offenders…

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): SLS promotes the foaming action of conventional toothpastes, but does nothing as far as efficacy. It has been linked to the development of canker sores and can change the way the taste buds work. (This is why everything tastes bad after you brush your teeth!)
  • Triclosan: This chemical is common in toothpaste and has been linked to antibiotic resistance and endocrine disruption. Disruption in the endocrine system can create serious effects, especially over time.
  • Artificial Dyes and Colors:  To make the blue or red stripe that is perfectly placed in the middle of the toothpaste, manufacturers add food coloring, often a petroleum based product. Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are the worst according to a report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Some of these food dyes come with side effects like hyperactivity and hypersensitivity reactions.
  • Propylene Glycol: Propylene glycol is used as the surfactant in conventional toothpaste to promote foaming. It is found extensively in the paints, enamels, and antifreeze, and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol is common in personal care products. Unfortunately it can cause skin, lung and eye irritation.
  • Titanium Dioxide: White titanium dioxide is added to make toothpaste, and it is entirely unnecessary. It is also found in supplements, added to foods and to make paint white. Titanium dioxide is currently under review as far as its safety. 

KEY INGREDIENTS IN KIDSCENTS TOOTHPASTE When it comes to all of Young Living’s products, you’ll only find the best, purest ingredients that you can be sure are safe and effective. And the KidScents toothpaste is no exception! It has a short list of ingredients, including plant-based surfactants, stevia and essential oils!

Key Ingredients:

  • Baking soda
  • Xylitol
  • Stevia
  • Coconut oil
  • Grapefruit essential oil
  • Spearmint essential oil

TO USE: Use daily to help young smiles stay vibrant. Put a small amount of toothpaste on a brush, help the child brush teeth, and rinse thoroughly after each meal or as directed by a dentist or doctor. Supervise children until good brushing and rinsing habits are established. 

*Intended for children 2 years and older. For children under 2 years of age, consult a dentist or doctor before use.

Join us as we switch out conventional kids’ toothpaste for Young Living KidScents Toothpaste this month!

August oil spotlight: Kidscents KidPower

August oil spotlight: Kidscents KidPower

Each month we focus on using an oil every day to help us in accomplishing our goals. Join us in choosing a method of application and simply getting this oil on and around you every day in August! My goal is to use up an entire bottle for my personal use!

Sometimes life can be big and scary for children, but they have the power to face all of life’s big and little challenges! Sometimes they just need help discovering that power inside themselves. KidPower is a unique, everyday blend formulated to help inspire feelings of confidence, courage, and positivity at home, at school, or on the playground…. But it’s not just for kids!! This blend is also amazing for adults and makes a wonderful perfume!


  • Aroma inspires feelings of confidence and courage
  • Scent helps ease occasional feelings of doubt, fear, and worry
  • Aroma creates a comforting environment for times of daily stress, occasional anxiousness, or nervousness
  • Blended aroma helps support feelings of emotional balance, well-being, and positivity
  • Prediluted for delicate skin
  • Recommended for children ages 2 and up

BACKGROUND Raising confident, courageous children can be a challenge, especially with all that they experience in today’s world, and we are so grateful to have natural tools in our parenting toolkit like the KidPower blend. This blend was created specifically to help arm parents with a unique mix of essential oils designed to promote feelings of courage and confidence. This exclusive blend of some of Young Living’s favorite and inspiring essential oils offers a sweet, empowering aroma that will be loved by both children and parents! Diffuse it daily and as needed for an aroma boost to support feelings of positivity and confidence.


  • Black Spruce: Earthy and grounding to help balance the senses
  • Blue Tansy: Has a floral aroma that is uplifting to the senses and calming to the Central Nervous System
  • Frankincense: Popular for meditation and promotes a comforting, grounded environment
  • Geranium: Promotes peaceful, uplifted feelings
  • Ho Wood: Provides a floral, relaxing aroma
  • Orange: Has a sweet and energizing aroma, helps to stimulate creativity
  • Vanilla: Provides a warm, sweet and comforting scent


  • Apply 2–4 drops directly to wrists, chest, neck or any other area. Dilution is not required, except for the most sensitive of skin, so you can add a roller fitment directly to the bottle or opt for the roll-on version!
  • Create an application ritual, and get your kids involved! Grab your KidPower or KidPower Roll-on and place it beside their toothbrush, backpack, or homeschool bin - anywhere they will be able to find and easily use it daily. We love rolling on our oil and repeating a family motto, a bible verse or positive affirmation together! 
  • Make a roller with KidPower, Vetiver and Lavender for helping calm over excitement and promote calm, confident focus.
  • Make a simple linen spray with equal parts KidPower and Lavender, a splash of witch hazel and filtered water. Spray on sheets, lovies, pajamas, or any other soft surface as desired. 

DIFFUSE: Diffusing is a wonderful health habit! We have our diffuser going almost 24/7 and love to choose blends that are supportive of individual needs or systems. Try some of these great combinations and enjoy the soothing scent of KidPower with us this month!

  • Tucked In: KidPower + Lavender
  • Fierce & Focused: Peppermint + KidPower
  • Calm & Confident: Cedarwood + Vetiver + KidPower

Join us in using KidPower essential oil blend daily to create great daily habits that support our overall health - physical, mental and emotional!

DIY Bathsoap for kids

DIY Bathsoap for kids

Here's an easy, rainy day craft to do this summer or anytime your kids need a fun activity! Make your own soap and get a prize at bath time!

 Recipe by Katie Weber


  • Molds to make the soap in (plastic cups work too!)
  • Cooking spray or coconut oil
  • Pure solid glycerin soap (found in cubes at craft stores)
  • Essential oils (It's fun to let kids choose their favorites!)
  • Natural food coloring or soap dye (craft store)
  • Small plastic toys


  • Coat the inside of your molds/cups with oil or cooking spray.
  • This step is for adults b/c it involves hot liquid. Melt soap by placing cubes of soap in a measuring cup and microwave for 30 secs - continue in 15 second intervals until the soap is melted.
  • Add in a few drops of food coloring/soap dye to reach your desired color. Mix thoroughly.
  • Add 6-8 drops of your essential oil. For bath time we love Lavender, SleepyIze, Stress Away and Peace & Calming.
  • Carefully fill mold about 1/3 of the way full with the hot soap. Let cool for 20 minutes, and then place the small plastic toy on top of the mostly hardened soap.
  • Repeat steps 2–4 to melt and color the remaining soap. Pour another layer of soap into the mold to cover the plastic toy.
  • Let cool for 2+ hours. Once completely cooled, turn the mold upside down and pop the soap out.


August Essentials

August Essentials

August is all about the Little Oilers and supporting them well! Here are a few items we are using this month and beyond to support their (and our!!) physical, mental and emotional health everyday!! 

  • KidScents KidPower 15mL: To promote calm, confident feelings $38
  • KidScents MightyZyme: For happy, healthy bellies & bodies! $41.25
  • KidScents Toothpaste: To make brushing a happy habit $7.75
  • KidScents Roll-on Collection: For anything your kid’s day may hold $195
  • Seedlings Calm Essential Oil Blend: For sweet, calming vibes $13.25
  • Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream: To heal and protect any skin needs! $21.50

KidScents KidPower oil blend Sometimes life can be big and scary for children, but they have the power to face all of life’s big and little challenges! Sometimes they just need help discovering that power inside themselves. KidPower is a unique, everyday blend formulated to help inspire feelings of confidence, courage, and positivity at home, at school, or on the playground…. But it’s not just for kids!! This blend is also amazing for adults and makes a wonderful perfume!

Learn more about KidPower essential oil blend in the August Oil Spotlight!

KidScents MightyZyme Chewable Tablets KidScents MightyZyme contains enzymes that naturally occur in the body that support and assist the digestive needs of growing bodies and the normal digestion of foods. When taken daily with meals, these little chewable tablets can make a big difference in our kids’ overall health! 

Learn more about MightyZyme in this month’s Supplement Spotlight!

KidScents Toothpaste Make brushing a joy instead of a chore with KidScents Toothpaste! This advanced formula cleans children’s teeth without any of the harsh additives found in most commercial toothpastes. Fluoride and GMO free, this plant-based toothpaste provides a refreshing mint taste infused with 100 percent pure essential oils while supporting healthy-looking gums and teeth. KidScents Toothpaste is formulated with your children and family in mind! 

Learn more in this month’s Ditch & Switch resource!

KidScents Roll-on Collection Your children go through a lot in a day, and this collection of pre-diluted oils has you covered for anything you need! This collection features six superstar blends to tackle all the ups and downs of your children’s days. Each custom blend is ready for easy application and portability in a convenient roller for natural solutions anytime, anywhere.

  • GeneYus™ to create an atmosphere of creativity and alertness
  • KidPower™ to inspire feelings of confidence, courage, and optimism
  • Owie™ naturally soothes minor ouchies and boo boo’s
  • SleepyIze™ to help little ones settle down at night
  • SniffleEase™ for naturally soothing vapors
  • TummyGize™ to help comfort tummy troubles

Seedlings Calm Essential Oil Blend Dreamland is only a few drops away with Seedlings Calm essential oil blend. This soothing, gentle scent is formulated with the littlest members of your family in mind, but its soft, relaxing, floral scent is a favorite for the whole family! Roll on, diffuse, use in a linen spray. However you choose to use this special blend, it will help the whole family unwind together!

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream is made with 100 percent naturally derived ingredients, including 100 percent pure essential oils, botanicals, and non-nano zinc oxide, reducing the duration and severity of diaper rash when applied at the first sign of redness. It soothes on contact, protects delicate skin, and acts as a physical barrier to wetness. The extra gentle, mild formula—developed specially for your infant’s tender skin—seals out wetness and helps balance skin moisture while reducing redness. Don’t have littles in diapers? This thick, Lavender-scented cream is a staple in our family’s first aid kit!

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